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DSS Fire, Inc. provides you with a professional sales staff geared to your particular fire alarm requirements. Whether it's new construction, retrofit, tenant finish out or service and inspections, we have experts trained in each of these areas.

To contact our sales staff please or call us at 214.553.6120


Our installation technicians are the sole employees of DSS Fire, Inc. and we use no subcontractors. They are drug screened and background checked prior to employment and our crews are designed to average a licensed lead technician with an unlicensed though highly trained assistant.

To contact our installation department or call us at 214.553.6120


Our service department is made up of only State of Texas licensed technicians. These employees have risen through the ranks of our company by continued education, experience and dedication to our trade to be recognized as the best we have to offer. They are experienced and trained with all types of fire alarm equipment. Their experience in dealing with occupied buildings allows us and our customers the peace of mind to work on systems without disruption to your occupants. We are on call 24 hours per day and every day of the year always ready to respond.

To contact our service department or call us at 214.553.6120


Our inspection department is made up of licensed technicians whose sole responsibility is to inspect and repair your fire alarm system. We do not use installers or their assistants nor do we use any other employees except those trained in this field. For an example of our online inspection reports that can be tailored to your particular needs. You may email to survey how this can be incorporated into your code required log book of inspections.

To contact our inspection department please or call us at 214.553.6120


We have assembled one of the largest and most professionally trained engineering departments. They are experts in understanding the various applications of the building and fire codes throughout the area. They will design a system based upon your type of occupancy to meet any authority having jurisdiction requirements. Our relationship with all the various plan review departments in the North Texas region assures you that your system will be designed to meet all local, state and national codes required to achieve your Certificate of Occupancy.

To contact our engineering department please or call us at 214.553.6120


Whether your needs are to find out about an invoice, check on insurance status or aquire any information regarding the administration side of our business, let our full service staff of administration professionals assist you.

To contact our administration department please or call us at 214.553.6120